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Washington state seeks to challenge 3rd travel ban


Seattle (US) : Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is asking a federal judge to lift his stay halting the state’s case against President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The state said in a filing on Wednesday that lifting the stay will allow it to challenge the third and latest version of the ban before it takes effect later this month.

 Five other states, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and California, are also involved in the case, reports AP.

The filing says the states have talked with Trump administration lawyers and that they do not oppose lifting the stay. The Trump administration on September 24 issued a proclamation outlining the most recent restrictions, which affect citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen, and some Venezuelan government officials and their families. It’s scheduled to take effect October 18.

The new measures range from an indefinite ban on visas for citizens of Syria to more targeted limitations. Iranians, for example, will not be eligible for immigrant, tourism or business visas but remain eligible for student and cultural exchange visas if they undergo additional scrutiny.   Administration officials have said this version is the result of a lengthy process, based on an objective assessment of each country’s security situation and willingness to share information with the US.