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Ujjain: Govt rolls outs strategy for ‘Kshipra Seva Yatra’


Ujjain: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will soon call a meeting to finalize strategies for the project proposed for conservation of the Kshipra river. The project ‘Kshipra Seva Yatra’ is aimed at protecting the river from pollution, banks from erosion and beautify the surrounding region.  Concerned departments have been directed to prepare a detailed project. Divisional commissioner MB OJha in a meeting detailed officials of departments of forest, irrigation, rural engineering services, revenue, horticulture, agriculture amongst others about the ‘Yatra’.

The initial phase of the conservation project will be launched soon. As per the plan, a 1 kilo meter region on both sides of the river will be developed as a green corridor to protect the banks from erosion, conservation of flora and fauna and provide a source of income to farmers. Bamboo, Sagon, Eucalyptus, Mango, Orange trees will be planted. Private land owners will be involved in the project and be given 40 percent subsidy from the government for planting trees and Rs 22, 000 will be given per hectare of land.