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alt39Sensuality lies in the gaze alt39


That is what Pooja Bhatt has to say about the alt39 Jism 2alt39 poster, that is the talk of the town

In the film world, they say if the preview is right, the film will work. That perhaps explains the success of alt39 Jismalt39, rel

eased nine years ago. With hot and sensual Bipasha Basu posing with her bare alt39 honey coatedalt39 legs, it almost personified desire. Such was the impact of that chic- ally done poster, that even today say sensual and its alt39 Jismalt39 that comes to mind, men in particular. So when the Bhatt camp announced its sequel, it was but given that the poster of alt39 Jism 2alt39 will be nothing less than the first. Such were the expectations that an otherwise calm and in control filmmaker Pooja Bhatt began contemplating signing pornstar Sunny Leone for the much- anticipated sequel to alt39 Jismalt39. While there hasnalt39t been any official confirmation on that front, the team has unveiled the poster of the film. And believe us when we say it, the poster of alt39 Jism 2alt39 is made to kill ( pun intended). The films poster has a girl wrapped in a wet cloth – a sight that hits the right place down under. And while the makers are mum about the identity of the girl in the poster – our bets are on Sunny Leone since she is out of the alt39 Bigg Bossalt39 house. For Pooja Bhatt though, the reaction to the films poster is a little more than just titillating the audience, it is, she says and we quote, ” A proof that you donalt39t need a name to sell a big idea. The idea sells itself.

This proves that the brand alt39 Jismalt39 is bigger than anyone who might act in it.” But controversies come for free, alongside a bold and sensual poster like this. Pooja adds, ” Sensuality lies in the gaze.

While most people have hailed the poster of alt39 Jism 2alt39 as sensual, mysterious and akin to a piece of art, there are a few that are obsessing more about the nudity or rather lack of it. All I can say to those people is – each one is entitled to their own gaze.” But arguments aside, if one has to predict the future of the film by looking at the poster, then surely alt39 Jism 2alt39 will be the film to look out for. And for now, Pooja looks pretty confident about her film too. In the meantime however, what we would be waiting for, is unveiling the name of the mystery girl in the poster… if Bipasha personified hotness then this one takes our carnal desire to another level. alt39 Jism 2alt39 is being produced by Pooja Bhatt and Dino Morea under the banner of Fish Eye Network and Clockwork Films Pvt Limited. Mahesh Bhatt has penned the film.