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    Taking the ‘in-law’ out of ‘mother-daughter’ relationship

    Its time we break stereotypes and establish the fact that the mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship is just the same as the mother-daughter relationship. All you need to do is hit the right chord and the things will rearrange itself, write Shikha Jain

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    Understand impact of thoughts; empower your home with positivity

    Before we get more into technicality and various dynamics of Vastu and Feng Shui, it is important to understand the impact thoughts of occupants has on the vibrations of the property, says Dr. Harshit Ravindra Kapadia

  • Mumbai: Kala Ghoda festival goes ‘Green’ this year

    This is the year of painting the town green and again witnessing and soaking up the beauty of the city at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in every form. The show has already begun with its splendour performances and programs to promote environmentally friendly lifestyle.

  • Moving cities, rent furniture at pocket-friendly rates

    Moving cities or a change to match your taste, some things are worth spending for as Pritha Banerjee discovers more and more people are opting to rent furniture than owning them

  • Cowboy fashion trend is the latest craze

    Western-inspired or cowboy fashion trend is the latest craze. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to let you ace the style

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    Chillies: Understanding its charm and complexity

    Found in everywhere in vivid colours, the spicy ingredient adds an interesting character to any cuisine. But we just do not understand its sheer complexity. Sapna Sarfare helps you appreciate this fiery spice.

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    Personal Choice: Why am I an atheist?

    Following a religion and belief in a supreme being is a personal choice, but the hatred and punishment for a non-conformist narrates a different story. Mridul Negi takes a look on the rising population of this set of people

  • Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan: Review

    At a time when Thor and Ragnarok are quite the popular terms thanks to a certain film franchise, Magnus Chase and his merry band of einherjar — the undead warriors of Valhalla — are doing their all to prevent it. Unlike the movie, however, Magnus does not have the hunky God of Thunder and his hulky green friend for assistance.

  • Against All Odds by Danielle Steel: Review

    I settled down to read Danielle Steel’s Against All Odds with a wave of nostalgia. The American bestselling novelist had been a staple in my late teens, but this was going to be my first Steel in a very long time. I’d set the scene — a big bowl of popcorn, comfy blanket and a big mug of hot cocoa at the ready. I was excited. The premise seemed promising: a widowed mother

  • The New of Wealth Nations by Surjit S Bhalla: Review

    Acquisition of education is acquisition of wealth. By 2030 world inequality will be the lowest it has been since the (relatively) halcyon days of the mid-19th century.  

  • The Meaning of Civilisation by Naguib Mahfouz: Review

    Naguib Mahfouz is perhaps the most renowned intellectual of modern Egypt. A scholar, writer, journalist, a keen observer, an honest critique of society and polity, a chronicler of one of the most turbulent times in Egypt’s political history, Mahfouz is also the first and only Nobel laureate in literature from the Arab world. He has over 30 novels to his credit apart from innumerable commentaries, essays and close to 370 short stories.