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  • Indore: ‘Still miss poha-jalebi and Rajwada’

    Indore: Residents have helped Indore carve out a niche for itself on the world map. Children of Indore have travelled to different parts of the world proving their mettle. One of them is retired lead principal scientist Lead Principal Scientist of Alliant Techsystems Inc aka ATK, Pramod Nayate.

  • Indore: Low fare direct flight to Goa, Bengaluru from next month

    Indore: The air passengers of city and the region will get low fare direct flights to Goa and Bengaluru from next month. Malaysian low-cost airline ‘Air Asia India’ is going to roll out its flight operation for these two destinations from next month. Significantly, Bengaluru flight will also facilitate connectivity to international flights from capital city of Karnataka.

  • Indore: Arrest decision makers, not implementers

    Indore: The CBSE guideline issued to all its affiliated schools on safety of school children travelling in school buses, following the Supreme Court directives, categorically states that the management and the head of the school will be responsible for any lapses as far as the safety guideline is concerned.

  • Indore: Plants too have valentines but no dedicated day for them

    Indore: Valentine’s Day is meant for the couples tied in the bond of love, not only humans but plants too have their valentine partner. Surprised! Meet Dr Vinodlal Shroff, who believes that plants get nurture well when have good partner to grow old.

  • Indore: Schools mulling indefinite shutdown to create pressure

    Indore: Fighting arrest of DPS principal Sudarshan Sonar, principals of other schools in city on Tuesday held an emergency meeting and discuss strategies to proceed ahead in freeing their jailed colleague. According to sources, the principals are planning to seek government’s intervention and also, announce indefinite shutdown of schools to put pressure on parents as well as the government.

  • Indore: LS SPEAKER: You knew school has shortcomings, then why did you send your children there

    Indore: Continuing their struggle for justice to innocent children who lost their lives in the tragic DPS bus accident on January 5 last, parents approached Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan seeking her support on Tuesday. “Tai instead favoured the schools and refused to consider the position of parents who do not  trust any private school in city. She rather blamed parents for choosing schools that did not have proper facilities,” said one of the parents,

  • Indore: Colleagues knock all doors, but in vain 

    Indore: Anxious over arrest of Delhi Public School principal Sudarshan Sonar in connection with the bus accident case, over 200 teachers and management officials of the school reached collector office on Tuesday and demanded relief to their imprisoned colleague. The large delegation wanted to meet collector Nishant Warwade to seek his favour in the regard but only five people were allowed inside to talk to the collector.

  • Indore: Top guns pledge to make city smarter

    Indore: Considering it their social responsibility, both elite institutes in city, IIT and IIM came forward to help in better planning of the city as Lok Sabha Speaker and local MP Sumitra Mahajan sought their cooperation during a meeting of educational institutions and city planners here on Monday.

  • Aadhaar a bane: With flaws galore, identity in deep crisis

    In yet another persistent push to literally shovel the Aadhaar card into Indian identity, it’s now mandatory for poor women to have it in order to procure free cooking gas. Interestingly, even though the Supreme Court had clarified that Aadhaar card is not mandatory for the mid day meal, the government was still authoritative. As if this new syndrome had not percolated enough, even IRCTC mentioned that in the coming plan for

  • Indore: SGSITS to offer nutritious meals to students at subsidised rates

    Indore: Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science (SGSITS) director RK Saxena here on Monday announced plans to offer nutritious meals on campus to students at subsidised rates. “We are going to start offering food on campus to our students and faculty members from April,” he told reporters on Monday, adding that the cost of one full-plate meal will be merely Rs 30.

  • Indore: Whimsical weather likely to bring rain, up heat

    Indore: Western disturbance passing through state since Saturday late night last has been causing unexpected changes in weather as city witnessed three different weather conditions on Monday. The day started with cool breeze blowing in an average speed. While the noon was sunny with the Sun shining good and gradually pulling the temperature up, the evening again turned cloudy as dark clouds started covering the sky.