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Mumbai: Flier irked by delay gets ‘bullied’ by crew


Mumbai: A harried passenger on a Goa bound Indigo flight created ruckus as the flight was delayed due to bad weather conditions. As per the eye witnesses, one of the passengers was reportedly asked by the ground staff to deplane. The passenger was demanding the reason for delay of this flight. The flight was scheduled to take off from Mumbai at 1:35pm on Thursday but was delayed by almost four hours.

“Some of the passengers were at the airport from 12.30pm for the 1.35 pm flight. The passengers finally were allowed to board the flight at 4 pm. While we waited endlessly, some passengers questioned the staff of this delay,” said former Congress legislator Krishna Hegde, who was also flying in the same flight.

“One of the ground staff tried to bully the passenger and informed him of being deplaned. Thankfully other passengers stood up for him. There was a minor ruckus. The flight eventually took off at 5.45pm and we reached Goa at 6.55 pm,” Hegde told Free Press Journal.

Meanwhile, the airline regretted the inconvenience caused to passengers and said, “IndiGo confirms a consequential delay of its flight 6E-711 enroute Mumbai to Goa today (December 1). IndiGo flight 6E-713 from Kolkata to Varanasi was delayed due to low visibility at Varanasi airport. As the weather conditions were below the operating minima, the flight timings of 6E-711 was revised to 1450 hours (Scheduled time of Departure was 1345 hours). All passengers booked on 6E-711 flight were informed by the staff of this consequential delay due to change in weather.”