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Indore: MP students can’t go aboard for partial completion of degree


Indore: Though University Grants Commission (UGC) has permitted Grade A accredited universities in the country to tie-up with their foreign counterparts for partial completion of degree courses, students of institution of higher learning in Madhya Pradesh would not be able to take advantage of this ambitious scheme.


Madhya Pradesh University Act 1973 does not permit partial completion of degrees from foreign universities.

“There is no room in the MP University Act for partial completion of degrees from offshore universities,” said Ganesh Kawadia, head of School of Economics at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV).

He said that if the state universities want to send their students abroad for partial completion of their degrees then amendments need to be done in the Act.

After UGC relaxed regulations for collaboration between Indian and foreign universities, Grade A accredited universities in the State, including DAVV, had announced plans to tie-up with offshore universities so that their students can go abroad for a semester or two during their degree courses.

An International Corporation Cell was also setup at DAVV for exploring possibilities for foreign collaborations. But in a recent meeting who’s who of DAVV received a blow when observed the MP Act does not permit any such collaboration which allows students here to go abroad to study during their degree courses.

“There is no scope in the Act for transfer of academic credits between Indian and foreign universities so the UGC scheme, as of now, is of no use for universities in the state,” said Kawadia hoping that the State government would take a note of this and move a proposal in the Assembly for amending the Act.

In a landmark move last year, the UGC last year had amended regulations with allowing Indian universities to approach foreign counterparts for partnership, a move which would improve quality of education at partner universities by learning from each other through exchange and other programmes.

Earlier, the regulations allowed only foreign universities to approach their Indian counterparts for academic collaborations.

But the change regulations permitted Indian university to take a lead on foreign collaboration front.

However, it is mandatory for Indian university, entering into collaborations with foreign counterpart, to send their students to study at offshore university for at least two semesters in case of an undergraduate programme and one semester in a postgraduate programme.

What amended regulations say

Within the country degree of the student graduating from Indian university, in collaborative arrangement with foreign university, would be awarded only by Indian university and not by foreign partner whatsoever. Joint degrees are not permitted. The degree awarded by the Indian university would carry its logo, seal and name alone as the awarding institution. The degree may incorporate a para that it is being awarded in collaboration with foreign university to make it amply clear that the primacy and the award of the degree is by the Indian university and that the degree awarded is not to be construed as a joint degree.

The transcripts of credits obtained at the foreign university shall be issued by that university, and when jointly signed by the Indian university, would form part of the transcripts. The foreign university may also sign the transcript of credits earned in the Indian university.