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Indore: IMC wants segregation of waste at source


Indore: Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is aiming big. It is looking forward for segregation of waste at source for effective garbage management.

“Yes, that’s what we are looking at. If 100 per cent of segregation of waste is done at the source a lot of time and energy could be saved in doing so at trenching ground,” Mayor Malini Gaud said. She  had launched a campaign two days ago to educate people about storing soaked and dry waste in separate polythene bags.

These bags would be collected by IMC sanitation workers and transport them to trenching ground at Devguradia.

“If segregation of solid waste is done at source then biodegradable waste could be processed separately and converted into manure and electricity while the plastic waste can be used separately for making paver tiles etc,” the Mayor said.

The IMC has already announced multiple uses of garbage dumped at trenching ground. While it is converting waste into manure, the IMC has planned to set up a power plant that would generate 19 unit of electricity from waste. Besides, it has decided to convert non-biodegradable waste into paver tiles and use the same at developing gardens at two government lands.

“To achieve 100 percent of segregation of waste at the source, the IMC needs to educate people, especially in backward areas. Also that target could not be achieved until door-to-door garbage collection is done in all the 85 wards of the city,” said social worker George Varughese.

The Mayor said that they would implement door-to-door garbage collection project in all the wards of the city shortly. “We have increased number of vehicles collecting garbage from houses and also placed many new garbage bins in the city. We are also placing garbage bins in commercial areas,” she said.


The move to educate people on importance of segregation of municipal waste at source is great. But it would be successful only when the IMC would start penalising people for not adhering to the norm. Plus, the civic body would also have to penalise those who litter in open even when garbage bin is placed nearby.

Sanjay Saxena, School teacher


Behavioral change can make a lot of difference. People are in the habit of dumping garbage in open even if there is a bin nearby. This habit could be changed only by educating people especially in backward areas. Municipal authorities need to develop a garbage management system that can impact behavioural change at the source level.

Mayank Yadav, Shopkeeper


Municipal authorities though have taken a few measures to ensure garbage collection at the very door-step, but in absence of regular trash pick-ups on daily basis this scheme is not yielding desired results. IMC should ensure that sanitation workers do not take their work casually and that garbage bins are placed in each and every colony in adequate numbers.

Deepesh Vyas, Contractor


Blaming municipal authorities alone for poor garbage management system is not fair. People should also own some responsibility for all the garbage lying on roadsides and colonies. Nobody can develop a proper garbage management system in a city, residents of which litter in open. Penalty is the only option to deal with this problem.

Bhupendra Sharma, Practising doctor


The drive aiming to increase the number of households that segregate the waste cutting down the effort of civic body in handling solid waste is a welcome move. The IMC should ensure that waste is collected daily from households so that people do not start taking it for granted.

Shahrukh Khan, Student