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Indore: Exploring old memories with emotion-filled treasures


Indore: A peek into mirror to browsing through dinosaurs, first button cell phones, pocket watches and many other old age artefacts is what makes museums special. To explore the time that we could not live, people celebrate ‘International Museum Day’ on May 18 every year. Though there are no rules as to how one can celebrate memories, Free Press brings out ancient treasures that lie in people’s home and form ancestor’s trail. Sharing their feelings and emotions, people talked about their adorable non-updated items. Sharing her memory, operational head at an MNC Sushmita Sahay talked about her grandfather.

“I never got to see my grandfather, but I hold his thesis dearly to my heart,” she said. She explained that the thesis makes her feel close to him.

 Endless collection of dolls

I have an endless doll collection. I have dolls that are 50 years old. I cannot imagine sleeping without them. They keep me young and happy. I find it amazing, how happy I become when I am with my doll collection. I have an entire wardrobe filled with these beautiful structures. I guess people call books as their best friends, for me it is dolls. They are beautiful, never changing and always supportive. I feel like a doll with them.

Les Paul still strikes a chord with him

I began my musical journey playing guitars made of wood more suitable for furniture. I would often watch greatest players strum their instruments weaving magic with fancy guitars I had seen only in posters and advertisements. It was a dream that came true years later, when I finally convinced my bank to advance me a loan. Though according to the bank manager, it was for purchasing an apartment but truly it was for buying my Les Paul. Today, after 25 years and 18 guitars, I still find myself reaching out for that old and battered piece of pure magic a.k.a. my Les Paul. It has seen over 1,000 shows, rain, fire, being dropped off the stage and yet has never failed to produce music that helped me sometimes stir and sometimes shake my audience.

Musical memories

My mom and dad had this ancient Gramophones. My siblings and I would play records and danced. Being the youngest, I would dance the longest. They even made fun of me as I danced weird. We had this jam session everyday and it is still the most beautiful memory that I have. There was a singer Bruce Springsteen and famous song ‘Born in the USA’. We used to come together and use broom as microphone and sang the song in chorus. It was beautiful. I still have that set of Gramophone. I wish I could bring back the time attached to it. I tend to hold on to things. I even pick out saris that have that old royal appeal.

Locking precious memories in words

Talking about one such memory, homemaker Nancy Vishwadeep said, “I have this handwritten diary from my father, which makes me feel young, happy and beautiful.” She explains that his handwriting is beautiful and his words touch her heart. “My father left me his precious words locked in that diary,” she added.

Affection never gets old

I would say that affection I get from my parents is old in terms of years, but it is still the dearest emotion that I can feel. As a kid, mom used to do things I could not do for myself like comb my hair and make two braids because I had long hair then and she would cook my favourite dishes for me on regular basis. She was always around whenever I was lonely.

Dad had his special ways. Every time he returned from any business trip, he made me unpack his suitcase and I would find chocolates, dresses and toys in it. Every holiday entire family would load into our car and go on road trips…I learnt that long trips are great for bonding. Now modes of expression are different.  But they are still full of love. Now I am married and have a family of my own. My mom insists that I should speak with her at least once a day. Dad is no more, but he insisted that I should see him at least once a week.

 Unravelling secrets of past

I love museums. They reveal the history of the place that we are visiting in perfect manner. Whether it is about monuments or fashion, museum stores everything which describes the glorious past. I have been to a number of museums around the world including Hong Kong, Thailand, London, Singapore, Chennai and Indore. With those amusing artefacts and grand history, all museums impressed me. I loved London’s museum, because it was one place where I could see artefacts from all over the world. While I don’t have much to preserve as an artistic legacy, I do collect coins. I find the change in coins over time amusing.