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Zubair Khan will go back to Bigg Boss house if Salman Khan does this thing for him! Read what


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After getting verbally thrashed by host Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 11’s first evicted contestant, Zubair Khan is in no mood to forgive or forget the star as he has now demanded something big from Salman which might make everyone shocked. Yes, recently, Zubair Khan said that he will go back to Bigg Boss house only if Salman Khan apologises to him. Isn’t that shocking?

In an interview with, Zubair said, “As soon as I was out, Colors called me and asked me to get back on the show. I told them that only when Salman Khan will apologise to me would I get back. I will not compromise on my self-respect now. He needs to say sorry to me for all his harsh words and accept that he did wrong.”

Well, Zubair had made everyone’s life hell in the house with his abusive words and misbehaviour with contestants. However, this thing didn’t go well with Salman as he thrashed Zubair with strong words. He also said that Zubair is being fake in the house. Reportedly, Zubair has accused Salman of being pressurised by Dawood Ibrahim and his family.

Thus, let’s see how Salman and his fans would react to Zubair’s demand.