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Neha Bhasin interview: Meet the Ballad Queen


Her songs are slowly catching momentum, but the gaps between her Bollywood releases are making her fans restless, Neha Bhasin tells Shubarna Mukerji Shu, she is about to change that!

From a pop singer to a popular playback in Bollywood, Neha Bhasin has come a long way in the music domain. The sultry voice from girls’s band Diva has been enticing the nation not just in Hindi but also regional songs. As she talks about her past and ambitions, we wonder what’s she humming in mind right now. Excerpts from the interview…

Having won awards all over with Jag Ghoomeya… One would think you had signed up a whole lot of more films already.
I don’t have to do that, I didn’t do it when I was scared and worried if I would make it here, I would not do it now when things are looking up. The only way you would do well in life is by doing what you like, this is my playground and my temple. I just want to do work that I love.

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Don’t you feel the pressure when you refuse to relent to competition?
I used to feel the pressure, the moments of doubt, fear. Now I don’t feel it. When you are being creative and have your space in the kind of field you always wanted is enough to make you content. I have enough on my platter, I feel content. Though I realise with time my work has gained momentum and that gap between my music releases would be getting lesser.

For someone who started off as a pop singer, to be doing playback – is there a remarkable difference between the two.
I have no idea anymore. If you ask me what I like better, I don’t know that either simply because for me the joy is in singing. Anything that is soulful, anything that comes from the heart makes me happy. If somewhere the song touches me, I know I can do justice to it. I love acoustic work, I love to mesh it with my folk numbers too… so while I might have preferences, it does really take away from the thrill and creativity of singing.

What’s the one thing you stick by when it comes to choosing what song to sing… what’s your modus operandi?
Even when I was a child I always knew what I wanted to do. My mother used to tell me I used to be those cute looking babies who would irritate because they don’t pay heed to anything or anyone but do what they wanted to do.
When I was in DIVA, I lived a very controlled life for two years and it taught me a lot. Firstly, that I cannot do that… I need my freedom, I need to do things I believe in… I cannot be boxed into something I am not. So I have come a full circle, I am back to being me… my work is a reflection of that. It has been easy to come through this circle, but certainly worth it.

You are not restricting yourself to only Bollywood songs, it sure might be different when you are singing for regional numbers.
I am a very cosmopolitan upbringing. The only languages that I speak fluently is Hindi and English but when I started off singing in Tamil, I was just doing it for the experience, now I have actually started enjoying it. I might not speak the language but the music talks, we have all experienced that with songs like Aicha, Khalid’s Didi…. Words don’t matter when the melody takes over.

So what is your game plan?
In the immediate future, I am looking forward to release my English album. It is something that I have been working on for a while and really looking forward to see how my fans react to it. I know that I have a steady lot of people who back me up for everything that I have done. Even songs that I have sung in regional languages that they might not speak, my fans have backed me up. So this one’s going to be for them.

Other than that, the larger picture is to ensure that I become the Ballad Queen in Bollywood. I want to be the female equivalent of  Arijit Singh.