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Bhopal: Shivaji Nagar park fast turning into a ruin


BHOPAL: Construction of park in a residential area is done with the consent of all, but no one comes out for the development of the park. Park located in Shivaji Nagar (1250 locality) is getting ruined due to consistent neglect. No one takes interest in working towards the maintenance of the park. It is ridiculous and pathetic that despite having ample space, it looks like a ground in wilderness in place of what could be a well maintained park, solely due to negligence.

There must be greenery and ornamental plants on the periphery of a fenced park. There must be swings and slides for the children to play.

The onus lies on Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) administration but there is also responsibility and accountability of local residents for maintenance and proper sanitation. They should come out for maintenance in the interest of the entire colony.

Mahendra Rajoria said, “We feel pained when we see the park in ruins. We are helpless as no one supports if we raise the issue of maintenance of the park. It is pathetic. At least the local residents should support morally for implementation of the plan and strategy for its upkeep.”

Narendra Raghuvansi said, “The park should be well maintained, or else it is of no use. And if park is not maintained, it is problematic for local residents, especially children who do not find place to play. There must be slides and swings for the children to play.”

Nitin Jain said, “Construction is done at the park but no one comes forward for maintenance. It is highly ridiculous that neither the BMC administration nor local residents look interested in this matter. If anyone raises the issue, it is ignored.”

Sapna said, “It is very unfortunate that neither BMC administration nor local take interest in maintenance of the park. There is lot of space and if it is well maintained, it will enhance the beauty of the park.”