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Bhopal: Serpentine queues, shut ATMs drive people crazy


BHOPAL: Thursday, the first post-demonetisation payday was a nightmare for the salaried persons who reached banks and ATMs in droves for withdrawing cash.

The government employees and pensioners were given money in form of Rs 2,000 denomination notes and less than what they wanted. Banks witnessed maximum footfall of salaried people and pensioners.

There are four ATMs in SBI premises at TT Nagar but three of them were not working.

There was a long queue just to get Rs 2,000. A large number of government employees and pensioners have their accounts in this branch. Some of them were fuming while others were non-chalant.

No doubt, there is problem and we are facing it. But hopefully, situation will improve gradually in the days to come. We should have patience and wait for improvement in the country”

Anupam Kashyapi Meteorological, department director

Officials at the bank helped me in cash withdrawal.  But people had to keep waiting for hours for their turn. Initially I faced problems but later I got the money.”

Uma Thapa

Bankers gave me Rs 8,000 in form of Rs 2,000 notes. Now it will be a big headache for me to get loose currencies in refund. Bankers are distributing low denomination currencies to their kith and kin and friends.”

Muralilal Bharati, police officer

Everything is not okay inside the bank. But somehow, I managed to get money. But still there is currency crisis in the banks. Hopefully, situation will improve fast in the days to come. Bankers should be innovative in sorting out the crisis.”

Anwar, loco pilot

As such there is no problem. For teething problems, people should cooperate with the government. The decision has been taken to remove black money from circulation in the market.”

Guru Dutt Mishra, senior scientist in meteorological department

I did not face any problem in the bank in getting my pension. The rush now is nothing as compared  to what it was a fortnight back.”

ML Usrate, pensioner

I did not approach bank for cash. I am standing in the queue at an ATM. There is nothing wrong in it. There is lack of patience and discipline in public. They are making unnecessary hue and cry. If people are disciplined, there is no crisis in the country”

SC Sharma, pensioner