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Bhopal: PM supports me, knows my impulsive nature said Uma Bharti


BHOPAL: “After god and my guru, I respect PM Narendra Modi, because he knows about my impulsive nature and also supports me for good reasons,” said Union irrigation minister Uma Bharti at the death anniversary function of Rani Avantibai Lodhi, in Bhopal, on Monday.

She added she had set the target to achieve the first phase work of the cleaning of Ganga till October 2018 and PM Modi was supporting her. “BJP national president Amit Saha and PM Modi sent Suresh Bansal and other two to select the name of the UP CM and I have selected the right name for the CM’s post,” she added.

She gave wakeup call to the Lodhi community saying it should come forward to lay claim in forming government. “No party should take your advantage in winning elections, no matter which party you belong to, but you should support only those parties which are giving respect and seeking support.”

“No one worships the earthworm, people only worship the snake. So become like a snake and get respect in society and the Lodhis should know the power of negativity,” she said. “In Uttar Pradesh 22 Lodhi candidates and 15 candidates of other branches of Lodhi have won the elections, they have showed unity and as a result they have come in power,” she added.

She claimed the present BJP government and CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was doing well compared to her governance, because her tolerance level had came down and it would take  two years to regain her tolerance level at suitable parameter.