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Bhopal: BMC decision to wash New Market becomes headache for traders


BHOPAL: New Market businessmen say that shops, especially the basements, are flooded and items kept their damaged with the Bhopal Municipal Corporation’s campaign to wash the roads of the market. Secondly, roads are not cleaned before washing so that dirt, flowing with water, gets accumulated on the sides of the roads.

The businessmen have welcomed the BMC campaign but they said that before washing the roads, garbage should be removed. Otherwise, it is the businessmen who have to remove the wet rubbish sticking to the shutters of the shops.

Mayor Alok Sharma has launched campaign “Mera Pran: Bhopal No-1” under which BMC washes the roads in the market to keep the area clean in the night.

 Just a couple of days ago, the BMC had washed New Market.

Amar Deep, Marketing Executive,

“It is good for traders as well as visitors. If the market is clean, people would get attracted to it. The traders should co-operate with the civic body.

Vijay Chaurasia

“Shopkeepers should be informed in advance so that they can shift the goods from the basements. Decision is good but those who monitor it should be careful. Otherwise, they do more harm than good.”

Sanjay Agrawal, who owns a crockery shop,

“The initiative is good but implementation is faulty. Before washing the market, garbage should be removed from entire the roads. But unfortunately, the BMC men do not do it. Consequently, we have to remove the garbage soaked in water from out shutters.”

Rajesh Kumar, who runs a garment shop,

“Before taking such a decision, proper thought to be given to the problems it may create. There are many shops which are at the road level New Market. So they get flooded and the stored items get damaged.”

Sudeep Katare of Hindustan Lever marketing cell,

“BMC has taken the good decision to wash the entire market. Local businessmen should cooperate. Every one want neatness and BMC has taken the decision to keep market neat and clean, it is good for all. “

Ashok Babani, who owns a garment shop

“It is a nice practice but firstly, it should not be discontinued and secondly there should be proper monitoring and supervision.”